Alastair Waithe is an award-winning creative producer/production manager with more than twenty years of experience working in Commercial, Film, and Television. He currently mans the helm of AW Media Productions Inc.; successfully servicing agencies, production companies, lifestyle brands, and client direct. Serving as a mentor, he shares his knowledge and experience as an experienced Producer and Production Manager, supporting and encourages the growth and development in others.
A natural problem solver, Alastair gravitated to and has excelled in fields requiring creative thinking and technical expertise.  He has an in-depth understanding of both the business and creative process; focused on enabling and enhancing the proposed vision and intention behind any of his numerous projects, while managing the budget like a financial professional.
Travelling around the world, Barbados, Syndey, LA, New York, and Paris to name a few, over the past decade, Alastair has been a contributing creative producer/production manager for award winning production outfits, like The Field , Mad Ruk and Studio M.
Prior to his work in film, Waithe was a prolific/thriving Canadian recording artist. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Toronto’s York University.